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Naoto Shirogane ([personal profile] thedetectiveprince) wrote in [community profile] pixle_squared2012-05-07 10:01 am

Persona 4 - Themed Layout


This is a Persona layout modeled after Persona 4. It includes a disappearing member bar on top.


♠ KEEP IN MIND THE LAYOUT WAS MADE FOR FUN AND ISN'T 100% PERFECT. It was made to give a journal an overall nice layout but made for characters used in communities (ergo not commentsp osted in their own journals). If you are okay with this;

♠ Go to the CUSTOMIZE MENU and select Light Bursts (Dusty Foot). ♠ Pick the 2 Columns (sidebar on the right) at the bottom. (Note that it looks okay also at 2 Column (sidebar on the left) as well but the extra image will leak into the text) ♠ In the MODULES section of the Customize your Theme:

♥ Disable all but the following: Custom Text (SET IT TO 1)
Header (SET IT TO 2) Tags (SET IT TO 4)

♠ In the TEXT section of the Customize your Theme:
♥ Add any image you want of your character. Simply use the <img src="YOUR_IMAGE_HERE"> Code.

♠ (NOT NEEDED BUT YOU MIGHT WANT TO) Go to My Account --> Display Settings and at the 'Journal Entry Style' menu, unclick the check-mark. This will load up pages in the default Dreamwidth layout.

♠ In the CUSTOM CSS section of the Customize your Theme, REMOVE/UNCLICK 'Use layout's stylesheet(s)' and add the following code:

♠ If you use the layout, feel free to credit me anywhere you would like. It would make me happy. Thank you! ♥

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